Blue Flower

21 November 2019


Incident Alert commenced in 2004 alerting Victorians and then South Australians via SMS and Email and in 2009 moved to social media post Black Saturday. The motivation was that we all lived in heavily forested hills with a single access point and needed to leave immediately on bad days.

A lot has altered since 2004 and the CFA, EMV, and CFS have had for many years now, an excellent and robust alerting system used by a vast number of SE-Australians

A few days ago, Twitter closed down the vast majority of our twitter accounts without notice and we have worked tirelessly to reactivate them without success, even with the help of some Twitter staff in the US and which we thank for their help.

It’s time to pull the pin ad close down most of Incident Alert. We can’t have accounts suspended without notice during catastrophic conditions with running fires. Nor can we spend countless hours attempting to contact Twitter or to jump through imaginary hurdles. Our mental health and those of our families come first. There will be non further automated Tweets however as we do not have access to the accounts, we can’t inform those who use these solely.

For those who have paid, your accounts will continue to work whilst the free accounts will be deleted once we have emailed you and given you sufficient time to migrate. This will be done in batches at a yet to be determined date.

It is the end of an era however we thank all those subscribers, followers, our hosts, SMS and email providers , brigades and in particular our families for being part of the service.

The Facebook page will remain active however only with ad-hoc posts from time to time however we may look at adding power and flood information to another account.


The IncidentAlert Founders