Blue Flower

We do not process fires and incidents outside Victoria and South Australia unless the CFA/CFS have been requested as outlined below.

Fires and incidents on the Victorian/NSW border

The CFA will get requests for fires just over the border to both New South Wales and South Australia. The location will be recorded normally as the town name followed by (SA) or (NSW) e.g. 

  • Moama (NSW)
  • Bordertown (SA)

Large interstate bushfire support

Both The CFA and CFS often supports other states throughout the fire season with a sets of trucks (a striketeam) and or man power. One of the last operations for the CFA was for Kangaroo Island. These entries are manually entered into the CFA incident managment system and there is no standard format. There are few if any updates.

International bushfire support

The CFS, CFA and DSE can also be requested for international deployment, normally to the United States. These entries are manually entered into the  incident management system and there is no standard format, nor are these updated for the duration.