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Default Alert set-up

When you register with Incident Alert, you will get prompted to set-up your first alert. This allows you to receive alerts straight away and then to modify with the set up via "My Alerts". It is important to review and adjust these alerts to match your personal requirements.

The three alert locations we set up for you

All fires

  • This will send you emails for all fires and incidents around your neighbourhood.

Forest/Grass fires

  • We expand the area above and send you only forest and grass fires.

Large Fires

  • This alert location further expands the area and sends you only larger incidents, regardless of type. This keeps you informed of incidents that you may not be able to see

Can you modify the default alert.

It is advisable that you consider amending your default alert to suit your own personal needs.

Will you receive duplicate emails for the same event.

You will only receive one email per event even if a fire matches more than one alert. As an example, if a large forest fire starts two doors away, then this will  match two or three of your criteria but will only send you one email. This may not be the case in all circumstances due to different versions or locations that triple zero callers have logged.We attempt to prevent duplicate alerts however this is not always possible.