Blue Flower

You, your family and work colleagues would prefer a heads up that you may be required to support your nearby groups or regions. Incident Alert gives you time to compose your thoughts, tell the boss and a few extra minutes with your loved ones.Your pager will keep you in touch with all the local events so let Incident Alert keep you up to date for incidents "over the horizon".

Nearby brigade areas

A fire may have broken out a couple of brigade areas away from yours but it may have taken most of your regular primary support vehicles. When a call comes in for your area, you will know that it will take a little longer to get support to you and you may want to upgrade the number of vehicles. By having the alert locations that are just out of your support area, allows you to maintain a watching brief.

Large Fires

You should add an alert for large fires for your Region and perhaps the neighbouring region. Less than 4% of fires are defined as large so you wont receive too many alerts and this allows you to prepare for deployment before you get the pager message and for you to make a timely exit at work or home rather than rushing out the door.