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Incident Alert is an early warning system that informs you of new fires and incidents which may affect you or your residence within the Country Fire Authority area in Victoria and Rural Fire Service of South Australia.

The system performs at its best when the fire is small and moving slowly and in the early stages. You will receive alerts for fires in your area once it has been reported via 000 and continue to receive updates (depending on your set-up) until it has been declared safe within or next to the area it commenced. 

Approximately less than 2% of CFA/CFS fires get to a level beyond this. As a fire grows and both the CFA and DSE commit resources, the fire is controlled locally with some outbreaks occasionally not reported as fire appliances are already in the vicinity. As fires pick up in intensity, it also can pickup speed and will travel overland up to 100kmh and spot over 20km ahead of the front. There is no way to clearly identify where the fire is travelling when it gets to this level.

Large Fires
Extremely large fires, sometimes called "complexes", may cover many thousand of square kilometres and may require tracking by aircraft and satellite and several incident command centres. Examples of complex fires are the 2006 North East Victorian bushfires, King Island fires and the 2009 Black Saturday Kilmore East-Murrindindi Complex South Fire 

When fires reach this level, it is important to understand the terrain and local weather conditions will make the tracking and plotting of the fire difficult. Any complex fire that begins to leave a forest and moves into private land or townships will normally be reported however this can be delayed and at times, be haphazard.

DEPI Fires in Victoria
DEPI control fires on public land including parkland, state forests and national parks in Victoria. It can take a significant time to deploy teams (sometimes by helicopters) to lightning strikes and can take time to relay status and positional updates. Not all DEPI fires are updated and thus not reported.

If a DSE controlled fire is threatening properties or townships then the CFA will be in attendance and you should receive alerts. Isolated properties and small communities need to be vigilant during DSE fires as movement can be sporadic with little warning.

MFS Fires in SA and MFB Fires in Melbourne.
Incident Alert does not track MFS (Adelaide and major townships) controlled fires. Fires on the border of the MFS and CFS zones and some larger fires may be reported by Incident Alert.

We do not track fires in NSW however some calls are logged for fires close to the Victorian Border.

Incident Alert can send you personal messages regarding fires and incidents in your area once you have registered. Once you submit a few basic details we can then generate the first email alerts for you.

Once you have completed registration, please review these alerts by logging in and selecting "My Alerts" and add any areas that we haven't covered. Please note, we never provide personal details to third parties and respect your privacy.

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When you register, we provide you an initial 100 emails and create your first email alerts for you for fires in your area. Once registered, you can also add SMS and other options, ideal if you are on the school run, in the supermarket or on the way home from work. Incident Alert can give you the additional time needed in your bushfire plan.

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We send SMS to all Australian networks and ideal for the school run, supermarket shop  or for the traveler or child who has a basic hand me down phone. Web enabled phones can continue to check for updates on the fire status using a unique link sent in the original SMS and it works on Windows Phones!


Emails are sent minutes after a fire being reported and we provide you with 100 free emails on registering. The email contains details of the incident, links to maps and key sites. It doesn't matter if you are at home, at work or at college, we will let you know what is happening in your neighbourhood.


Active fire fighting aircraft displayed (Victoria only)  Hotspots as seen from the NASA satellites Aqua and Terra Different coloured small icons allowing you to see the status of fires easily

Incident Alert provides interactive mapping that have South Australia and Victoria covered with CFA, MFB, CFS and DEPI fires. We also include active aircraft positions (Victoria only),hotspots as seen from NASA satellites Aqua and Terra and flood information.