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Important Information November 2019

Please read the article on the closure of majority of IncidentAlert. Further details to be announced shortly


When you register, we provide you an initial 100 emails and create your first email alerts for you for fires in your area. Once registered, you can also add SMS and other options, ideal if you are on the school run, in the supermarket or on the way home from work. Incident Alert can give you the additional time needed in your bushfire plan.



We send SMS to all Australian networks and ideal for the school run, supermarket shop  or for the traveler or child who has a basic hand me down phone. Web enabled phones can continue to check for updates on the fire status using a unique link sent in the original SMS and it works on Windows Phones!


Emails are sent minutes after a fire being reported and we provide you with 100 free emails on registering. The email contains details of the incident, links to maps and key sites. It doesn't matter if you are at home, at work or at college, we will let you know what is happening in your neighbourhood.


Active fire fighting aircraft displayed (Victoria only)  Hotspots as seen from the NASA satellites Aqua and Terra Different coloured small icons allowing you to see the status of fires easily

Incident Alert provides interactive mapping that have South Australia and Victoria covered with CFA, MFB, CFS and DEPI fires. We also include active aircraft positions (Victoria only),hotspots as seen from NASA satellites Aqua and Terra and flood information.